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Lifestage Wellness

Apple Tree Cove Animal Hospital has always had a strong commitment to preventive medicine and wellness health care. Our hope is that by expanding our efforts to educate pet owners about the needs of their pets, we can improve substantially the quality of life of all our patients as they age.

The fact is, may of the same principles that apply to aging in people also apply to our pets. In particular, many serious health problems which arise in our pets begin in ways which are not obvious. A wellness exam allows your veterinarian to identify or prevent medical conditions early. Problems such as diabetes and other endocrine disorders, kidney failure, heart disease of various kinds, and cancer, all are life threatening to your pet unless they are discovered in the earliest stages. Our goal is to do just that, by means of semi-annual wellness exams and diagnostic testing by the medical history.

We ask for your help in providing us with information about how your pet is doing at home. A thorough physical exam may discover some areas of concern you were not aware of and certain tests may be recommended to provide us with additional data. All this is for the purpose of making your pet happy and healthy!

When simple diagnostic lab work is combined with semi-annual examinations, kidney and liver disease, anemia, and other internal problems can be discovered before any clinical symptoms appear. Many times pets are sicker internally than they let us know externally, and a simple semi-annual exam could prove to be a life saver.

Apple Tree Cove Animal Hospital offers wellness programs that cover all aspects of preventive health, for all ages. Learn more by discussing your pet's needs with a member of our veterinary health care team today.

We have developed a map that illustrates our Lifestage Wellness plans for dogs and cats. Click one of the links below to view and print them.

Canine Wellness Map

Feline Wellness Map